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March 7-8, 2020
SRM IST Ramapuram Campus, Chennai
The Third Edition of Texus Hackathon Organized
by Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
SRM IST Ramapuram.

Overview of

The Third Edition of Texus Hackathon organised by Department of Computer Science and Engineering as a part of Texus 2020 is here, come be a part of Rush 3.0 which is to be held on March 7th and 8th of 2020 in Chennai. We are here and this time with a different energy which will help you experience all the perspectives in the public eye about how to land your dream job. How to get better at what you are doing right now and lead your approach to better opportunities, we have welcomed new startups and different individuals who move in the direction of upliftment of new companies and their thoughts. They'll not just help you accomplish your imagination into reality but also acknowledge you with backend proficiency in the same to actually achieve them.

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Registration Online registration

Apply by providing all the mandatory information. In case you wish to participate as a team, please apply individually first.


Take the online code challenge and submit your CV.

After confirmation of the registration, follow the link provided in the email in order to participate in the online coding challenge. Solve the coding challenge before the indicate deadline. Even if you apply as a team, please note that each member has to complete the online coding challenge.


Wait for your invitation to the Hackathon event

The coding test result will be sent to you and inform you about whether you are selected for participating in the finals or not.


Attend the Hackathon in SRM IST Ramapuram from March 7th - 8th

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Is this event for you?

If you are interested in changing the way we live, by solving common issues which we just “accept” as “means to exist”, this event is for you. Contrary to popular belief, hackathon is not just about “Coding”, anybody who has an idea and knows a way of converting it into a sustainable, viable product that actually be used to help us out in day to day tasks should attend this hackathon.

Come make the most incredible things you can imagine alongside fellow creators. You take care of building and we'll take care of you.

Do I have to be present from start to finish?

Yes, you are expected to be present at the venue from start to finish. You are not allowed to go out until final submission. How do I register? Please check out the REGISTRATION PROCEDURE section.

Is there any payment involved?

It’s a free hackathon for all the students willing to participate in the event.

What are the accommodations for the event?

Attendees are responsible for booking their own transportation. If you are travelling and unfamiliar with the location, reach out to the local organizing team to ask for nearby recommendations. Lunch and Dinner on 7th March, 2020 as well as breakfast on 8th March, 2020 will be provided to all participants, no extra for food will be levied. Participants can stay at the venue overnight.

Can I pitch my existing business?

No. You are expected to build something from scratch. Pitching of existing products may result in the expulsion of the entire team from the hackathon.

Am I expected to work for 24 hours?

We leave that completely on to your discretion and your fine sense of judgement.

What resources/assistance is provided for the weekend?

You will be guided by our esteemed mentors. For any assistance you may also reach out to the Faculties of SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram, Texus Technical Team and Organising Committee present at the venue.

Judging Criteria

Based on the conceptualisation(idea), functionality and the business ideas the projects will be evaluated. TEXUS is a culmination achieved when the brilliance of technology meets the creative intuition that is the human brain. It is a National Level Tech Fest organised by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram. RUSH 3.0 is a 24-hour event that will see participants going on a journey that started with a small budding idea and will end with a Minimum Viable Product that is good enough to turn heads. The theme for the Hackathon is to empower students with the power to solve day to day problems pertaining to any field from education to transportation with the help of technology. They must come together on teams of three or four and pledge to solve a real-life issue, one that affects us all and use technology to build a product that is offers a viable solution. It is not domain specific but here the problem statements are given by the companies itself allowing the students to improvise,adapt and also provide feasible solutions for the same.

Registration Procedure

Registration Procedure for Texus Hackathon is as follows: • Firstly, interested participants are required to register in the Skillenza site. • On submission of details, a review will be conducted based on your response. Please enter your details, especially the "IDEA" clearly. Selection will be done based on your Idea. • If selected, a confirmation mail will be directly sent from the Skillenza website.