Rishi Ramesh



On Web Development
For Bhutan Engineers

  • ROLE

    Team Lead & Main Speaker

  • DATE

    March 2018


    SRM Institute Of Science And Technology conducted an one week program for Civil Engineers from Bhutan. During this program, SRM organized Web Development workshop to enhance the skills of the engineers for enabling them to create a portfolio site for their career.



Our main objective was for them to learn the basics of web development and have a functional website hosted online. Instead of regular lectures on theoretical part of web development, we let them learn and visualize each part of web development process which allowed the workshop to be interesting and fun.
First Day: We explained regarding the entire working of web model by allowing them to access the codes of pre-existing websites. We explained how stylesheets and html tags are used as well.
Second Day: We allowed them to create and design a website on their own. After that we explained how the websites can be hosted online and we guided them to host each website on their own sub domain on Pixlz Server.

Bhutan Students